LDSE International Summer School 2019

Industrial IoT through JavaScript language and Node.js run-time environment

25th to 27th of September 2019

Laboratory for Digital Systems and Electrical Engineering (LDSE) invites students to the 2nd edition of an International Summer School on Industrial IoT. Using open source software and affordable hardware participants will create a smart IIoT based application for controlling the automatic car parking barrier.

JavaScript programming language and Node.js runtime environment will be used to build and integrate key components of a web based and environment-aware system. Ethereum based authorization will be used for user authentication.

No knowledge of Industrial IoT, JavaScript or other technologies used is required but basic skills in programming engineering are strongly recommended.

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Industrial Internet of Things

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Important Dates

  • Registrations: from 15th of July on the link below
  • Day 1 - 25th of September (Wednesday): Lectures in core concepts and technologies
  • Day 2 - 26th of September (Thursday): Development of system components
  • Day 3 - 27th of September (Friday): Development of system components and integration


Registrations are limited. Lectures (day 1) are open to anyone but the number of participants at the programming part of the school (days 2 and 3) is limited to 12.


For any additional information please contact us at: or

2018 LDSE Summer School

A short summary of the 1st edition of LDSE Summer School on Industrial IoT can be seen HERE.

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